Best 10 Global Health Insurance Providers

2023’s Top Global Health Insurance Providers for Expats and Global Citizens

When relocating abroad, securing the best international health insurance is paramount. Numerous affordable and excellent global medical options exist, making the selection process challenging. How does one determine the most suitable global health plan?

Annually, we assess and rank the top 10 global insurers based on critical factors:

  1. Network size
  2. Range of benefits available
  3. Additional features such as telemedicine
  4. Ease of filing a claim
  5. Ability to adjust premiums through copays and deductibles
  6. A.M. Best rating, indicating financial stability

This guide identifies plans tailored to specific needs, ensuring the right healthcare at an optimal price. Utilize our free tool for an in-depth comparison of global health insurance plans.

Once options are narrowed down, a careful review of each policy’s terms is essential to find the insurer and plan best suited to individual needs. Brokers can offer guidance through this process, starting with a free quote.

Top Ten International Medical Insurers:

  1. Cigna Global: Ideal for expats seeking an extensive network and highly customizable benefits.
  2. GeoBlue Xplorer: Suitable for U.S. citizens moving abroad and individuals relocating to the USA.
  3. IMG Global Medical Insurance: For customers needing diverse options at a budget-friendly price.
  4. William Russell: Tailored for those desiring a personal touch without extensive USA coverage.
  5. Now Health International: Suitable for those seeking an economical plan with simple options and limited or no USA coverage.
  6. Integra Global: Tailored plans for expats seeking bespoke coverage.
  7. Allianz International Medical Insurance: Backed by one of the world’s largest companies, ideal for comprehensive coverage.
  8. AXA Global Healthcare: Suited for those preferring a large global company with a worldwide staff.
  9. AIA Group: Geared towards expats moving to Asian countries like China and Singapore.
  10. Bupa Global: Ideal for citizens of select countries seeking the reassurance of the Bupa brand.

Determining the Best Global Health Insurance:

While Cigna Global ranks as the best overall international medical insurance, the ideal choice depends on specific needs. Cigna Global, GeoBlue, William Russell, and International Medical Group cater to different types of global citizens.

  • Cigna Global Insurance: Recognized as the best overall international medical insurance, offering comprehensive coverage in almost any country. Founded in 1982, it remains a leading global insurance provider, providing flexible coverage with customizable benefits.
  • Cigna Plan Highlights:
    • Three core plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
    • Tailored comprehensive plans to meet individual needs.
    • 24/7/365 customer service availability.
    • Coverage options include Outpatient, Worldwide (or Cover Excluding the USA), Health and Wellbeing, Medical Evacuation, and Vision/Dental.

For a more personalized assessment, request a free quote from the identified insurers of interest.

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